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Rouge Bunny Rouge


ROUGE BUNNY ROUGE 英國美妝品牌是典型的新維多利亞風格的 智能美容饋贈。 品牌的意境充滿懷舊風。可以在魔幻花園裡-在精緻的童話中、在奔向 ROUGE BUNNY ROUGE 世界的奇妙旅程中,找回在平日快節奏的生活工作中容易被遺忘的所有夢想、期望和愉快,在這座花園裡女性特質、感情充沛和自然之美共存。美妝產品的名稱中蘊含魔法、迷惑和神秘元素,或是浪漫柔和的“水上寫生“,或是神秘大膽的“邪惡花蜜",具有精緻藝術設計的包裝,隱藏 ROUGE BUNNY ROUGE 創新美妝產品的神秘造型。

Our world of the Enchanted Garden with the product stories blurring the line between reality and imagination appeals to everyone who appreciates moments of whimsy, mystery and fantasy in life. Drawing inspiration from Victorian England’s contradictory way of life, we celebrate emotional, rebellious, individual and intellectual beauty. We describe this unique style with a slightly dark twist as Neo-Victorian. Various symbols of escapism and indulgence – the mysterious Black Hare, the Alice-like Princess Rouge, the strange and beautiful Enchanted Garden – reflect the excellent product quality that we offer and pleases the senses on another, an aesthetic and intellectual level.